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Have a great product or service that you want to tell the world about? There is no need to waste your time and energy to become a web-geek. We know how to take your message, make it interactive, and reach everyone who needs to hear about it.

Sell your products online

They say you can't judge a book by its cover, but people often judge a store by the storefront. If they like what they see in the window, then they will be more likely to walk in; if they can find what they want fast they will be more likely to buy. Your website is your online storefront, have you put all all efforts into the design of your storefront?

Web design for serious conversion

If you are looking for a way to get more visitors, to convert a larger percent of those leads into real customers, we can help you. More often than not, people skip the design step for a web shop and simply grab a readily made template to save money. What they have lost is a large percent of visitors who could have become real customers yet turned away by unfriendly navigation system and unprofessional layout.
We specializes in Zencart design and customization for high conversion and ROI. Many of our partners see 5-10% jump in number of sales and value per sale after working with us for only 2 months.

Design with Search Engines in mind

Perhaps the biggest dilemma most store owners have to face is to get as many potential customers come to the site while spending as little money as possible. So we asked ourselves: "What is the minimum amount of money a store has to spend to get customers? And how can we assist our partners in achieving that?". The answer is zero, none, nil, nada, zilch. Well, that is not entirely true, no spend no gain, but you can still get many visitors coming to your site at a very low cost if they can find you on search engines. With that in mind, our designs are coded carefully with the industry's best practices to make sure search engines can find and index your site well.

We don't stop at the default features

If you want it, we can deliver it. We love challenges, and we have been through a lots. We were asked if we can deliver a superb SEO URL module for Zencart, and Simple Seo Url module was introduced a few months later; we were asked if we can improve Zencart's default checkout process and we released our Zencart Ajax Checkout 3 months after that. Do you have a coding challenge you want to tell us?

Are you ready to see more?

Nothing better than fresh and real examples.

Do you want to boost sales, improve site's performance? We have developed many Zencart modules to help you, most of them are completely FREE. We also have some super useful modules which we are developing, be the first to test them out and experiences the benefits they bring you!

Our Clients Say:

E. Naomi Sandoval:Thank you!
Working with Rubik Integration was a no-brainer. After upgrading my shopping cart and struggling with a few issues and wasting far too much valuable time, I discovered that they could install one of the optional zencart add-ons I needed for just $25. In fact, they wound up guiding me through some issues that actually were not related to the add-on while getting this add-on properly installed. The person I worked with was wonderful the whole time: quick, focused, to the point, not too remedial but yet willing to explain concisely when needed. I was eager to get additional help with a few other issues and was thrilled at the reasonable cost quoted to me. The issues were solved in a timely fashion and to my complete satisfaction. I have many years of out-dated software experience and was not able to figure any of these things out so I am ridiculously grateful for the help! I would recommend them to anyone, and before you get frustrated. One last thing: they made some solid SEO related recommendations. It is nice working with a company that knows what they are talking about.

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