Ajax Checkout 2.0, ready to go be released any time!

Shorter checkout

This time we make the Zencart’s checkout process even faster by combing the shipping/billing address steps into one.

Cleaner layout

Yes, we removed many unnecessary parts on the layout to make it much more cleaner.

Easier Config

Yay, 1 step reduced. We also moved most configuration settings into admin so you can easily change the settings without having to edit the config file via FTP.


Yes, it is faster. We reduced a bunch of necessary loads to speed it up.

Bugs fixed

A bunches of minor bugs were fixed, so now the checkout process will be as smooth as it can be.

The new version will be available on Eazy-Template soon. If you have bought a previous version of this module, you will see the free upgrade package available in your account section soon.

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