Add your url to the content people copy from you – great for SEO

The number one signal that search engines use to determine how relevant your site is, and therefore how high your site ranks, is the number and quality of links that link back to your site. Tracer automatically adds a link back to your site when content is copied and pasted. When your content is pasted onto a blog, Twitter, or another web site it has a direct impact on your search ranking.

By seeing what words and phrases users are copying from your site you can better understand how you might select your keywords, meta-tags, tags, and even AdWords.

Also, is an increasingly popular place for people to find interesting web sites and content and generates visits to your site when content is copied. (Read more:

A Screen Shot of Tynt's Analytics dashboard

You just have to place one single of line of Javascript on your web pages, and whenever a copy action occurs, Tynt’s software tracks it, records it in your Tynt analytics and places a link back to your site in the “pasted” version, all done automatically. While some people will still remove that link manually, the automatically added link makes it easier for attributors who want to give you back links (credit links) to do so. As your content flies around the web, so will your links.

Try it to day at

(By the way, I have just installed Tynt on our blog and site as well)


  1. Thanks for this great tool. I love that it automatically puts the link in there. Even people (I am guilty) that copy content have to be impressed and might leave the link there. Every blog should have this installed.

    Who knew you could easily get credit for your work AND great SEO benefits at the same time.

  2. great tool tip, however where do I place the code on zencart for it to work correctly???

    • Good question, I will make a small plugin for this for zencart and post on this blog within this week, so make sure you subscribe to our blog feed.

  3. ok cool, I cant wait to see it (or not lol)

  4. mine not working! what could be the problems?

    • It is hard to tell unless we see the site. Also contacting the author of the module itself may give you a better support


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