Speed up your Zencart development by using Single Listing Template

Are you spending too much time on your Zencart’s template? Zencart currently uses different listing template file for different listings:

For homepage you have at least 3 main listing:

  1. Special products
  2. Featured products
  3. New products

For other listing pages you have

  1. Category listing
  2. New product page
  3. Special product page
  4. Featured product page

This gives you the ultimate flexibility to tweak the listing(s) any way you want, but for most stores we want a consistent display throughout the site to avoid getting our customers confused. Normally, this means you will have to edit each and every template listed above which is a huge amount of work even for experienced developer. What if you can use the same template file for all these listings? Yes you can! We have developed a module to help you do just that:

Link to download: (Last updated on Aug 26 2009)
(Please download from mirrors first if possible)

Mirror 1 (Megaupload)
Main link

Note that download link may change later. If you want to get updated with the latest news, make sure you subscribe to our feed

If you are the technical type who really want to understand what’s going behind the scene, read my forum post.

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