New Zencart Webdesign (Admin backend)

If you haven’t known already, we are working with Mano the author of ZenMagick to create a new slick backend for ZM since we are tired of the messy look of Zencart.

Below are some of the designs, we researched several other modern carts to get inspirational ideas, so you will probably see something familiar here and there. Let us know what you think

This is the very first option we came up with, we decided to move the navigation to the left

This is where you will edit your products. Mass product action will be a welcome feature!

We are considering using facebox effect here, but shriking down all other menus is also an option

We are working on the rest of the design, and so suggestions are very welcome ^_^


  1. The new designs are looking good. I think this is long over due and will help the non technical store owners a lot. Plus this will cut down on training time when I sell a Zen Cart store. One feature request I have is on the Dashboard being able to add/edit links on there. That way on my dashboard I can have links to Google Analytics, Base, whatever. I currently modify the templates to do it but having a slick Ajaxy module would be a nice addition.

  2. This looks great, and can’t wait to see the finished admin. I use quick updates, and a revamped version of that would be most welcome.

  3. Seem like we definitely need a dashboard on the first page of admin then? What would you like to see on the dashboard? Perhaps a chart of recent sales or…?

    • On the frontpage, the snapshot of recnet orders is the only thing we look at. Everything else is minor. We have a mod where it tells you recent user searches on the front page, and that is useful. Maybe a sales chart detailing maybe comparison from this year to last. I suppose the counter history is useful. Not sure how accurate it is though.

  4. It’s looking really nice. What if there are few basic colors that you can just switch to your preference?

    Yes, we need that admin home with the statistics, it’s like an overview of your store in a glance. Maybe including the “check for updates” button on there. I don’t know others but I do need the IP on top to have it handy on any page.

    If you are going for the first option, then I will need the dropdowns of the original admin (go to, text editor, display order).

    There are other details but I think they were left out because it’s a just mockup.

    Hope that helps…

  5. WOW!!! This is much needed. ZenMagick is wonderful, and this is the perfect blend of ZenMagic and ZenCart.

  6. Is there any update on this?

    When is it going to be released?


  7. Hi guys!
    Any update on the new admin design?

    • We are working hard on this, we have come up with a better layout, which we will post soon here. Then of course Mano is also working hard on ZenMagick backend code as well to rewrite all the current zencart code. So yes it is coming, not in 1 month but you should see the progress soon



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  9. Hi do you know when this admin area will be available??

  10. Hi guys!

    Any updates on this? I’d love to have this in my admin! It looks totally awesome!

    • Part of this design has already been implemented on zenmagick (

      • Hi is it ready for Zen Cart yet??

        • It will be implemented in ZenMagick which is a fork of Zencart, many parts of the design has been already in place there

          • Thanks for the info. I’ve tried ZenMagick but for some reason I’m having quite a bit of problems with admin permissions ect. Most of all, I have a very customized cart which doesn’t translate/integrate well with ZenMagick from the looks of it.

            It would be nice if and admin layout like you currently have in this thread could be available as a standalone. I hope I’m making sense. LOL

  11. Sorry to comment on an old post, but was this ever released?

    • yes but it is for ZenMagick, not ZenCart, though I think you could install ZM on to ZC and use it as is


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