New version of CJ Loader released

This new version has some major updates:

  1. The browser detection class has been updated to the latest version which will allow you to detect more browsers more accurately.
  2. The Loader class code has been rewritten a bit to make it faster as well as adding more options.

If you are using Ajax OnePage Checkout released by us, when you upgrade the checkout module you will also need to upgrade to this new CJ Loader version.

Link to get the new version has been updated on the original Zencart CSS Javascript Loader post

One Comment

  1. lat9 says:

    One teeny glitch I found in the new release:

    If you are updating from the 2009 version of the module and have an existing loader_*.php file that does special stuff for the variations of the ‘index’ page, you might need to update your loader file to specify either index_home, index_category (if your categories’ index listing page includes the cPath GET variable), or index_manufacturer (if the manufacturers’ index listing page includes the manufacturers_id GET variable).

    Other than that, the new version is working GREAT!


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