Tag Module Screencast batch 1

Adding tags for guests (can be turned off)

Adding tags for users

The main difference is that a logged in user can also check an already added tag as “relevant” to them, this will later allow them to list all the products that were tagged with a certain tag by ANY user or only the ones tagged by them. This will also allow us to easily do some statistical stuffs in the backend, and perhaps use this type of data for customers’ insight research or showing relevant products to them.

Note that you can also require that all new tags added have to be approved first before available to the public, can be useful if you want to make sure your users don’t use offensive language on your website.

More demo videos come later.


  1. russ says:

    This looks great! Screencast really shows how this module works.

  2. Harald Branje says:

    Hello, Tag Module Screencast it looks very good, I would like to install in my store. This add onsis free? If so, I’d like to download it. I hope you can share the link. Greetings and thanks for the tips.


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