Update for our One Page Checkout module (Ajax Xcheckout)

We are working on a new version (v3) of this module, this new version is based on many suggestions sent to us by store owners who are using this module. There are 3 major changes in this new version:

  1. The shipping and billing method steps are merged into one step. The current checkout process will consist of 3 steps: shipping/billing address (which can be skipped by a setting in admin) -> shipping/billing method -> confirmation
  2. The checkout progress boxes is moved into a horizontal bar on the top so the customers can check their current process easier.
  3. When the users enter wrong coupon code, the module will print out a message but will not refresh the form so that the users can avoid having to re-enter other info.

We also made certain changes to design to make things look nicer, some major clean up in the css file so that you can locate things and edit the file faster, some minor bugs are also fixed. We are still working on the module, and screencaps and screenshot will be released soon.

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  1. Lodewyk says:

    Woohoo! I can’t wait!


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