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  • How We Work

1. We start with a blank sheet

We work with businesses who want a unique website that reflects their specific needs. So we don't start with a set of pre-designed templates, or even pre-conceived ideas - just a blank sheet.

2. We get to know you and your business

Once you have confirmed your order, you will have a detailed discussion with the designer to establish your specific objectives and business needs. Don't worry if you're not yet sure about all aspects of this, this is normal and we are happy to work with you to develop and refine site objectives.

3. Who does what?

As you know your business better than we ever could, we recommend that you take the lead in producing an outline of the content that you want to appear on your site. Similarly, text that you produce to go on the site will usually be better than text that we attempt to write for you, though we are help to advise on this, provide examples and help you to refine it. If you are building an e-commerce site, then we will normally ask that you provide details of the products to be sold, again with as much help and guidance from us as you want. Other than this, we do the rest.

4. The design is not finished until you're happy

Usually the designer will produce a visual mockup (sometimes several) of what your site might look like when we have finished. This will be reviewed by a second designer to ensure that it meets our understanding of your requirements. If it can be improved, it will be. Then it will be sent to you for amendment or approval. Only once you are happy with the design, will we build it.

5. We build. You watch (and comment)

Usually the designer will produce a design concept, sometimes several, in the form of an annotated visual mockup to show what your site might look like when we have finished. This will be reviewed by a second designer to ensure that it meets our understanding of your requirements. If it can be improved, it will be. Then it will be sent to you for discussion. Based on your feedback it will be refined into an overall design that incorporates both look & feel and the planned approach to site navigation and interactivity. Only once you are happy with this design, will we build it.

6. Your satisfaction is key

When the dust has settled and your new or updated site is live, we will ask you for feedback. We want to know how you feel about the site and the process that you went through to get it. This helps us to improve and to meet our goal of leaving every client delighted to have worked with us.

About Rubik Integration

We specialize in eCommerce Shopping Carts (Zen Cart) and Dynamic Content websites. Started out in Houston, Texas since 2009 as an extremely small, one-guy-does-it-all, Rubik Integration is still a very small company with less that 20 people in our staff now. Thanks to our small size, however, we could provide personal support for each and every of our client. While working with us, you will be working together with a real person who will be your personal project manager, your tech adviser and above all, your friend.

Spending 12+ hours a day playing with code, working out a way to get around the annoying Internet Explorer 's bug and fooling around with new crazy designs to experiment new things, such are our hobbies and such are the reasons we gather as a group behind For us working is fun, and we take pride in our works. We never ever want to leave you with a halfhearted work, a bad design or a buggy module, and to do that we strive to do follow our 3 simple rules:

  • Take pride in our work. Never write a piece of code that you would be too shameful to show to others.
  • Open communication.
  • Constant support and development. Because no software is perfect.

Our collective skillset is broad, encompassing most of the technologies and tools that are keys to web design today. Our passion for web design aligns us naturally with the Open Source community, from which we benefit, and to which we contribute. We have special expertise in designing online stores based on the popular Zen Cart e-commerce package. Through our participation in Open Source projects we have developed a large network of similarly-minded professionals with diverse skills, with whom we exchange expertise for mutual benefit. Although we rarely use outside agencies to execute work, we frequently draw upon the expertise and experience of our contacts to reduce development times and costs for our clients.

It is our policy to work with a very limited number of active clients at any time, allowing us to get to know them and their businesses very well, and to enhance our contribution to the achievement of their business objectives.