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Eskrima Kali Arnis

"If it was possible to give 11 stars for this provider I would. What impressed me the most was that they were always on hand to answer my emails and help in anyway they could - even at weekends. Definitely going above and beyond what I expected. Very happy with the finished product. Thx very much! "

Simon McMahon from Eskrima Kali Arnis

Eskrima Kali Arnis.


Eskrima / Kali / Arnis are three generic names for Filipino stick and fighting blade (Martial Arts). sells many hard-to-find items and ship them directly from the Philippines. Simon, the owner of (or as he prefers to put it: I'm the person that will be buying the items and ensuring that they reach you), realized that he needs a NEW LOOK for his business to communicate better with his current customers and gain more trusts from his new visitors, and so he set on his quest to look for a design company that can totally remodel his Zencart store. It is a fortunate event for both parties that Simon found RubikIntegration and decided to entrust us with the important task.

What we did for EskrimaKaliArnis:

Most of Simon's clients come from Ebay UK, so we decided that we've go to have a very good way to catch customers' attention and lead them to the special and featured products that is carrying at the time. Thus, a large and eye-catching top banner displaying 3 featured products at a time was created for this main purpose. The banner right below it is Simon's idea, he decided that we should use Philippines' traditional dress pattern for the background, and it actually turned out to be great idea.

Seeing is believing

Then: Unfortunately, we don't have the pictures of the old to show you.
Now: Home Page | Listing Page

Important modules we used on EskrimaKaliArnis:

  1. Random Featured Products on header: serves as the attention catcher to make sure customers notice the special products the store is carrying.

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Our Clients Say:

E. Naomi Sandoval:Thank you!
Working with Rubik Integration was a no-brainer. After upgrading my shopping cart and struggling with a few issues and wasting far too much valuable time, I discovered that they could install one of the optional zencart add-ons I needed for just $25. In fact, they wound up guiding me through some issues that actually were not related to the add-on while getting this add-on properly installed. The person I worked with was wonderful the whole time: quick, focused, to the point, not too remedial but yet willing to explain concisely when needed. I was eager to get additional help with a few other issues and was thrilled at the reasonable cost quoted to me. The issues were solved in a timely fashion and to my complete satisfaction. I have many years of out-dated software experience and was not able to figure any of these things out so I am ridiculously grateful for the help! I would recommend them to anyone, and before you get frustrated. One last thing: they made some solid SEO related recommendations. It is nice working with a company that knows what they are talking about.

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