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Lethal Diesel

"Lethal Diesel chose Rubik Integration for our website redesign after using them for our partner website, After a few days of work on the sketches, they developed an INCREDIBLE design, smooth, easy to use and search engine friendly. After the approval, they got to work on the implementation. The whole project was done in less than 1 month! Take a look for yourself at both and, Rubik Integration are MASTERS of the graphical arts! We use them for EVERY design project. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! "

Jonas Cooper from Lethal Diesel

Lethal Diesel, Inc.
3220 Fairlane Farms Rd
Bay 7
Wellington, FL 33414


Lethal Diesel is an eCommerce company that sells aftermarket, performance parts for late model domestic diesel powered trucks. They want a new site design that should look very professional so their customers feel they can trust them their purchases. "We also want the site to look cool", that's what they told us.

What we did for Lethal Diesel:

This is not the first time we work with Jonas (a great guy by the way), and he sent us a clear message "We want to go with a very dark theme, black and blue. We want it edgy and 'bad ass' looking, a bit evil". This is their original request: "We traditionally like to use dark colors, red & black. We like them because we try to keep our look on the darker side of things, a bit evil if you will."

Seeing is believing

Then: Home Page | Listing Page | Product Page | Shoppingcart Page
Now: Home Page | Listing Page | Product Page | Shoppingcart Page

Important modules we used on Lethal Performance:

  1. Ajax add to cart is the most significant module being used on The module changes the Buy Now button into Checkout button once the user has already added the product into cart, this will make it more convenient and encourages users to go to Checkout.
  2. Our CJ Loader speeds up the site's loading speed which in turn avoid impatient visitors from exiting the site before checking it out.

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Our Clients Say:

E. Naomi Sandoval:Thank you!
Working with Rubik Integration was a no-brainer. After upgrading my shopping cart and struggling with a few issues and wasting far too much valuable time, I discovered that they could install one of the optional zencart add-ons I needed for just $25. In fact, they wound up guiding me through some issues that actually were not related to the add-on while getting this add-on properly installed. The person I worked with was wonderful the whole time: quick, focused, to the point, not too remedial but yet willing to explain concisely when needed. I was eager to get additional help with a few other issues and was thrilled at the reasonable cost quoted to me. The issues were solved in a timely fashion and to my complete satisfaction. I have many years of out-dated software experience and was not able to figure any of these things out so I am ridiculously grateful for the help! I would recommend them to anyone, and before you get frustrated. One last thing: they made some solid SEO related recommendations. It is nice working with a company that knows what they are talking about.

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