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Yaby Cosmetics Shop

"You have been an amazing, from working with me on the design to executing and laying out each step of the process. I appreciate the attention you put into every little detail. Our website have received so many rave reviews and comments, thanks to RUBIK!"

Liz Yu from Yaby Cosmetics

Yaby Cosmetics
PH303 - 36 Lee Centre Dr.
Toronto, ON M1H 3K2


Yaby was developed by Toronto makeup artist, Liz Yu, when she was searching for a solution to condensing her ever growing kit. after going through a number of DIY kit solutions, that eventually have to be replaced due to the limitations of easily sourced DIY materials, Liz decided to create a more permanent and easily customized solution for all artists looking for an answer to their kits organization.
The online shop was fast growing but Liz realized that the layout she was using was rather messy and confusing for her visitors, so she wanted something CLEAN and ELEGANT. Liz also faced another dilemma: each of her product such as the "cheeks blush" has more than 1 color, she tried to use Zencart's attributes but the display was rather difficult to use, and Zencart would crash at checkout step if the customers add too many items with attributes. Liz solved it by using multiple products instead, so for "cheeks blush" she would create a category (instead of a product) called "cheeks blush" then assign multiple products (each product is "cheeks blush" with different color). But it was rather time consuming for visitors to browse and choose the products, Liz needed a SMARTER way to present her products.

What we did for Yaby Cosmetics:

We were pondering over the idea of using an alternative software, but it would be too much time consuming and it would cost a small fortune, we definitely don't want that. Eventually, we figured out a brilliant idea when we were looking at a competitor site of Yaby Cosmetic, and the result can be seen on this new "cheeks blush" page.
On the same page, you will also see it for the first time we employ our skills and experience with Zencart and Ajax to create the "Ajax add to cart" (try to click the "Add to cart" button and you will see). The result is the noticeable increase in loading speed (and thus time saving for customers), the nice effect also gears the customers' attention toward the shopping cart and checkout link. By the way, if you like it, make sure you also checkout our new version on LethalDiesel project with more features.

Important modules used on Yaby Cosmetics:

  1. Ajax Add To Cart (JQuery)
  2. Ajax Banner (JQuery)
  3. Intelligent Product/Category Display

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Our Clients Say:

E. Naomi Sandoval:Thank you!
Working with Rubik Integration was a no-brainer. After upgrading my shopping cart and struggling with a few issues and wasting far too much valuable time, I discovered that they could install one of the optional zencart add-ons I needed for just $25. In fact, they wound up guiding me through some issues that actually were not related to the add-on while getting this add-on properly installed. The person I worked with was wonderful the whole time: quick, focused, to the point, not too remedial but yet willing to explain concisely when needed. I was eager to get additional help with a few other issues and was thrilled at the reasonable cost quoted to me. The issues were solved in a timely fashion and to my complete satisfaction. I have many years of out-dated software experience and was not able to figure any of these things out so I am ridiculously grateful for the help! I would recommend them to anyone, and before you get frustrated. One last thing: they made some solid SEO related recommendations. It is nice working with a company that knows what they are talking about.

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