We get to know you
Before we ever start any form of web design for a client, we first need to know about what they are trying to accomplish with the website. There are many roles a website can play. Websites can be used for Ecommerce, content (static and dynamic), non-profit, product/service, etc. Knowing the purpose(s) of your site and the products/services you provide will help us to tailor fit a website that promotes your company and targets the needs of your customers.
Who is your target audience?
We will gather information on demographics, encourage you describe your target customers and more. This is to understand what group needs to be catered to and how they will respond to certain elements. In general, we want to know as much about your company, mission and goals so we are better able to project your vision onto the website. Many of our clients have told us that they were able to gain a deeper insight into their target market and goals during this process.
Your competitors tell us a alot
Competition is something we will also take a look at. Knowing how you feel about your competition and the aspects you like and dislike will help develop a site that not only stays in the target market but excels on areas your competition has left opportunity for. Being able to provide custom web design is a major tool when vying for placement among the World Wide Web.
We need your commitment
As you know your business better than anyone else, we will always listen to your ideas and suggestions. During the whole process, we will ask you many questions regarding your products, services and competitors. And we expect you to commit your time and effort to the project.