Ecommerce is not an option!
Given the growing portion of online sales and marketing, and the low cost of establishing a website for your business; conducting business online is no longer an option, but an absolute necessity for the success of your company.

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What Exactly Does Web Design Mean?
Web design lends itself to a broad category that encompasses many distinct regions. It requires an effective use of graphic design, color layout, use of fonts, and an easy to understand and follow navigation structure. Technical aspects are also part of web design through the use of any number of web based and script based programming languages
How and Why Web Design Effects Your Business?
The importance of web design for a website, whether it is an ecommerce, personal, or informative site, is essential on many levels. It is important to not only capture your target audience’s attention, but also to ensure they stay a lengthy visit, get the information they need, or re-visit the website at a later date.
A First Impression Lasts a Lifetime
The first thing a website needs to overcome is the first impression of the viewer. The viewer will make their decision whether or not they would like to continue with the site within 5-30 seconds. Obviously, if someone has clicked out of your website after this short period of time, they were not interested or captured by your web design. A well thought out web design will allow for viewers to read your content and determine, if in fact, this is the right web site for them.
Making Your Site More Professional
When a viewer is navigating your site, they are evaluating it extensively, sometimes without even knowing it. A well designed site will have a professional look about it, easy to use navigation making it user friendly and be free of technical issues. The design itself should be cohesive and complement the product or service being offered, or the information being presented. In turn, this creates an overall secure and thematic structure which increases a company’s authenticity. How comfortable and connected a viewer feels when perusing your website is extremely important.
Increasing Click Through and Conversion Rates
The ultimate goal is to achieve a good click through rate and conversion rate. This simply means how many pages your viewer has clicked to navigate around your site or ads. For example, if 2 out of 3 viewers clicked past your home page, your click through rate would be about 67% which is a great return on investment. Conversion rate would be how many clicks actually yielded a result. For example, if you had an ecommerce site, 1 sale out of 15 clicks through your site would be a 6.7% conversion rate. Improvement in cart abandon rate is also apparent with good web design. This is due to the idea that a viewer will not click more than 3 times to get to the result they want. Typically, any more clicks, and an opportunity will be lost; whether it be a sale, lead or contact. These rates are all a product of web design and how effectively it was done which reinforces why a good design is necessary for success.